A New Routine and Goals for 2017

“Perhaps that is where our choice lies—in determining how we will meet the inevitable end of things, and how we will greet each new beginning.” —Elana K. Arnold

Hi there! It’s been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened in that span of time. The biggest change has been our relocation to St. Petersburg, Florida—my husband and I made the big move at the beginning of January. Our journey to Florida started out a bit rocky, beginning with a seven-hour delay with the moving company, which forced us to drive our gigantic moving truck directly through a snowstorm and almost miss our move-in window with our new apartment building. Our careful planning and meticulous organization prior to moving day only went so far, and it was certainly a good exercise in keeping perfectionism in check. Moral of the story: while it's wise to prepare and keep organized, some things are simply outside of our control, and it's the way we handle those obstacles that matters most. (Thankfully, everything smoothed out once we arrived in Florida, and we are very happy here!)

The middle of January brought the unexpected passing of a close family friend, a loss that has shaken our family to the core. A loss like this is a jarring reminder of what really matters in life and of the importance of doing what makes you happy with those who make you happiest. My husband and I have been blessed with family visit after family visit since moving here (I guess Florida is a much more enticing vacation spot than DC ever was!)—we’ve had visitors eighteen of the past twenty-one days.

With a new environment and a fresh start, I’ve taken more time than usual to reflect on my business (and personal) goals for 2017. Each year, I write a short business plan—usually in January. It’s essentially an outline of what I’d like to accomplish during the course of the year (nothing fancy), and I break it down into categories such as administrative goals, continuing education goals, marketing goals, networking goals, monetary goals, and so forth. I also take a look at what my goals were for the previous year to see if there is anything that can be carried over. Here are a few of my business goals for 2017:


  • Review and update editorial contract and confidentiality agreement (I met with an amazing lawyer in the Tampa area—let me know if you need a recommendation!)
  • Write one to two blog posts per month

Continuing Education

  • Complete one copyediting test per month in Amy Einsohn’s The Copyeditor’s Handbook
  • Take a least one EFA or Copyediting webinar or class


  • Post more regularly to social media accounts


  • Attend at least one editorial conference (I'm scheduled to be at ACES in a few weeks!)
  • Check out new networking opportunities and events in the St. Petersburg area (I’ve been to one so far!)

Here’s to a wonderful year. What are some of your business goals for 2017?