My Journey to Building My Brand (So Far!)

Hi there! It’s been a few weeks since my last post, and a lot has happened in that time, including my rebrand! I thought it’d be fun to recall my branding journey up to this point, and then show you my website mood board!

Let’s backtrack four years—to May 2012. I had just started my company, Ford Editing, and was copyediting and proofreading in my spare time alongside a full-time desk job. My idea of branding was a simple website template through Microsoft and plain (but professional!) business cards.

After a year or so of dealing with my cookie-cutter website, I started to do some research. Not quite feeling like I had the funds to hire a professional, I ended up purchasing a template from Bludomain, and although it was still a template and wasn’t fully customizable (at least not for my skill level), it was a step up from my previous one.

Next came my logo, which was designed by my wonderful friend, Sharon. I absolutely love the logo and still use it to this day.

So, I had a well-designed website with a shiny new logo (and matching business cards!), but my journey doesn’t end there. After finding out from a couple SEO-rockstar friends that my site wasn’t being read properly in Google (sigh), I took the next step in my branding journey. Because my site wasn’t being as easily read by the Google “crawlers” (bots that essentially scan websites), it wasn’t ranking as high as it could be in search results. So, I started to research again and decided that Squarespace would be a good fit for my new platform, and this time I would hire a professional to design my site. Don’t get me wrong, Squarespace is easy enough to navigate, but sometimes it’s worth letting a professional help so you can spend your time and energy on other tasks—plus you’re likely to get better results in a fraction of the time.

Holly did an amazing job on my site, but I realized soon after it was finished that I had been focusing too much on the site and the logo and not on my brand identity. I didn’t have a full color palette, specific fonts, or other design elements nailed down, and I wanted to pull everything together. After reading one of Holly’s blog posts and doing even more research (I hope you’re seeing a trend here), I came across some “website mood boards” on Pinterest.

I had a chance to sit down with Sharon a couple weeks ago, and this is what we came up with:

Let’s just say, I’m in love. The color palette is fresh and relatively neutral, I love the fonts, and just looking at this mood board makes me proud of my business and how far I’ve come. We updated my existing logos and website according to the new color palette, too. I now have consistency, and this board will serve as a reference when making decisions regarding my website, business cards, social media sites, and so forth. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past four years, it’s that a business should always be evolving and growing. You are never really “there,” but that’s the fun of being an entrepreneur. It’s about celebrating each step up and enjoying the journey (while, of course, bringing in the bacon).

What do you think? Are you working on something similar? Let me know in the comments section below!